Learn which products sell best, how often, and for how much.


Comprehensive eBay reports allow you to search millions of eBay listings and gather incredibly useful data. Learn average price, sell-through rates, which day and time specific products sell best, and much more.


Why do trends matter? It shows you if a product is worth selling or if demand is shrinking. Trying to sell a product that nobody wants is not an effective selling strategy. Use the Trends feature to analyze trends over a 90 day period.

Title Builder

Your listing title is not only descriptive but it includes the keywords that potential customers will search for to find your products. The Title Builder will ensure you include the keywords that get buyers to your listings.

Item Browse

It’s easy to find products that not only sell well but also fit a specific criteria. Your education will teach you the criteria that matters and this tool helps you access this vital data.

Top Sellers

Every niche has top sellers. How much easier would your life be as a seller if you could identify those top sellers in minutes? With this tool, you can. Identify opportunities, expand your product offering, even spy on your competition.

International Reports

Did you know there are eBay sites in a number of countries? Use this report to access sales data from the eBay sites around the world including France, Germany, Italy, Canada and many more. The more sales data you have, the more educated your decisions will be.